Material Me React — UI Components Library (NextJS & Tailwind)

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Material Me React is a UI Components Library.

Based on Material Design 3 (aka Material You) guidelines, this Library written in TypeScript. Enhanced with Tailwind CSS, NextJS, and uses Readex Pro font, which is free and similar to Google Sans.

Each component including ⚫️ Dark theme. ⤴

Product highlights

•  MaterialMe ships a library of flexible components aligned between Figma and React

•  Avoid design hand-off surprises and share the same source of truth

•  MaterialMe contains 30+ categories of components and compatible with

•  Implementation is as simply as possible so you can easily customize Components it and direct development in the right direction

•  MaterialMe is a standalone library. By downloading the file - you get a set of components that you can change and supplement, adapting to your project.

•  You do not need go deep into the code and understand how it works - everything is on the surface, onboarding is very fast.

Components Preview

MaterialMe Design System:

👌 For whom it helps

•  Designers, skip creating from scratch those complicated components along with every new project in Figma. Use UI kits to concentrate on important things, not on design routine.

•  Developers, this design library allows you to learn or enhance design skills. Jump into a process, where you only need to drag and fit a block to build good-looking pages.

•  Managers & CEOs, these templates are ready to be published for teams and provide an opportunity to quickstart massive prototyping immediately, save time and release apps faster.

ANMT - Animation Pack for your Landing page:
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Material Me React — UI Components Library (NextJS & Tailwind)

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